Deal Summary

Embassy Community Redevelopment Lending

Build a relationship with a National Bank and enjoy those benefits – The Program:

  1. Embassy provides commercial loans to investors (non-owner occupants) for the purchase and renovation of investment properties.
  2. These loans are one year, interest only, and do not have a pre-payment penalty.
  3. The rates and points charged depend upon many factors but range from 8.5-15% and 2-5 origination points.
    Embassy will finance between 65-75% of the property's after repaired value (ARV).
  4. Experienced investors may qualify for Guidance Lines of Credit.
  5. Down payments are deal and borrower specific but start at $5,000.00.
  6. Construction Proceeds are held in escrow and disbursed - for work completed i) upon written request and ii) inspection.

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